Japanese illustration culture and 360° VR NFT gallery


PROJECT EMOTION is an NFT illustration gallery where you can display NFT-ized works on the OpenSea of the NFT Marketplace in 360 ° VR and purchase them in an auction format in order to liven up "Japanese illustration culture".

The works exhibited in the 360° VR gallery will be distributed LIVE on the YouTube channel of PROJECT EMOTION to the whole world during the 5 days during the Golden Week period from May 1st (Sat) to May 5th (Wed). I will.

Viewers can check the "work code" of the illustrations they met in the 360° VR gallery being delivered LIVE, and enter the work code on this site to participate in the auction of NFT works published on OpenSea from the details of the target work.

From the 360° VR gallery delivered LIVE with the largest number of works in the world, discover the talent of the next generation according to your intuition and get the NFT work.


NFT is an abbreviation for Non-Fungible Token, which is a technology that can create a unique "one-of-a-kind thing" by utilizing blockchain. By utilizing blockchain technology, it is possible to create digital data that cannot be copied. There is also a feature that the data owner can freely perform secondary distribution.

■Possibility of NFT

NFT is a unit of data stored on the blockchain (digital ledger) and can represent the unique value of digitally itemized art. Just as signed books are unique and non-exchangeable, they are also digital signature systems.

NFTs are cryptographic tokens that enable transparency and accurate transfer of rights in the Xth distribution transaction channel. When NFT is applied to digital illustration, it can make digital art unique, so it can be said that it is a technology that marks the beginning of a new era of digital illustration.

■NOKID's approach to NFT

NOKID's philosophy is "to create a comfortable world for creators," and by creating a "place where creators can create stably," "power to earn a solid income," and "an environment where they can learn new knowledge," creators are properly evaluated. We are aiming for a world where we can demonstrate the best performance.

NOKID, which advocates this philosophy of supporting creators, aims to create new value in Japanese illustration culture through PROJECT EMOTION and to create opportunities for Japanese creators to play an active role in the world.

Creators who participate in PROJECT EMOTION can participate in any background. Those who "want to challenge new fields" or "interested in NFT" are welcome to apply.

■ 360° VR gallery exhibition work recruitment

We are looking for creators who can display their illustrations in the 360° VR gallery of PROJECT EMOTION released on May 1st. This applies to original illustrations and animations that you have created. There is no need to draw a new work on display. Up to 10 works can be exhibited per person.

The exhibited illustrations will be released and sold on the NFT marketplace OpenSea.
Since there is a manual for publishing to OpenSea, you can choose to publish it yourself or we will act on your behalf.
* If you wish to open Sea public agency, we will take care of miscellaneous tasks related to NFT art sales such as Ethereum issuance, GAS fee payment, OpenSea registration work, etc., and we will hand over 80% of sales excluding fees. We are doing it.


Recruitment period: April 15th-April 22nd 23:59

Reception has been closed.


  • Q1.When I purchase an NFT work, can the purchaser use the work for commercial purposes (goods, commercial printing, etc.)?
  • A.you can not. It is possible if it is sold under a contract that permits commercial use, but in respect of the opinions of many participating creators, PROJECT EMOTION prohibits the purchaser from commercial use.
  • Q2.Will the copyright be transferred to the purchaser when the NFT work is sold?
  • A.The copyright belongs to the creator. The purchaser will purchase ownership of the work.
  • Q3.Is it possible to exhibit works drawn for commercial use in the past?
  • A.It is possible if the person has the right to the work.
  • Q4.Can I exhibit works that will be used for commercial purposes in the future?
  • A.It is possible if the person has the right to the work in the future. For example, please refrain from exhibiting works that require you to give rights to clients during commercial use.
  • Q5.If the work is sold, how much will it be transferred?
  • A.We will pay 80% of the amount after deducting various expenses related to NFT work sales (GAS / MINT fee, credit card settlement fee, etc.) from sales. (20% commission will be deducted)
  • Q6.When the purchased NFT work is sold for the second time, the third time ... Will the creators also make a profit?
  • A.YES. We will pay 80% of the amount after deducting various expenses related to NFT work sales (GAS / MINT fee, credit card settlement fee, etc.) from 10% of the amount of the secondary sale.
  • Q7.From which platform will NFT works be sold?
  • A.It will be exhibited at NFT studio, an NFT trading platform from Japan operated by CryptoGames Co., Ltd., which has technical cooperation.
  • Q8.Where can I set up an account to which the sales of the work will be transferred?
  • A.A few days after registration, NFT studio will send you a login ID and password, so once you log in, you will be able to check sales, register an account, and withdraw from the dashboard of NFT studio.
  • Q9.Can I buy NFT works without virtual currency?
  • A.You can also purchase in Japanese Yen by credit card payment.


■株式会社NOKID https://nokid.jp/

NOKID continues to look for "NO KIDDING" ideas in order to transform existing concepts with the power of creativity and create a world that is comfortable for creators. By creating "a place where you can create stably," "the ability to earn a solid income," and "an environment where you can learn new knowledge" for creators, we aim to create a world where creators are properly evaluated and can demonstrate their best performance.

■Pizuya’s Cell https://pizuya.com/pizuya

My name is pizuya, the composer. Focusing on piano rock / violin rock / piano instrument, he is active in the circle "Pizuya no Doujin", which he sponsors, and provides a large number of songs regardless of whether he is a coterie or a commercial player. At the Sony Music presents national music competition held in 2018, we have a track record of providing music to ASCA, who won the highest award from the approximately 8,000 entries. Recently, we have been particularly focusing on the production of 360 ° content, and the 360° MV "Ishiyuki Ideal" posted on Youtube in 2020 has exceeded 2 million views.

■Kasudaya Inc. https://kasudaya.com/Tatsuya Kasuda

After working as an illustrator and animator for 11 years, he became independent as a freelancer. Incorporated from September 2020. While undertaking the planning and production of web animation content, he launched and operates the information media "Illustrator Survival Strategy" (https://ksd-illust.com/) specializing in illustrators in order to share his own experience and know-how. We are working to create an "era where creators can earn money".

■CS LLC https://slowlypanda.com/Shogo Nose

Producer, musician, filmmaker based in Tokyo and also the founder of the SlowlyPanda Studio which is a visual and sound art creation label gathering world wide creators from NY, UK, Paris, Korea and Canada.

■CryptoGames Co., Ltd. https://cryptogames.co.jp/Kota Ozawa

CryptoGames Co., Ltd., which develops NFT services, officially released the blockchain game "CryptoSpells" that can be played without wallet Ethereum on June 25, 2019. In March 2021, we released the creator's NFT sales platform "NFT Studio" that supports credit card payments, and in April 2021, we started offering "NFT Studio OEM".